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Rewrite what’s possible in engineering with the broadest portfolio of scalable and cost-effective composite materials and services. By replacing traditional materials with the composite solutions that meet future performance, consumer and sustainability requirements, more engineers can help enhance the world.

Expert guidance for complex composite applications

Stronger, lighter and longer-lasting, composites can be processed into a variety of cost-effective solutions across an ever-expanding range of applications from Aerospace and Automotive to Sports and Leisure goods.

Our collaborative, proactive approach makes navigating complex material and processing choices easier for our customers. We partner with them to provide design support, material selection from the widest portfolio of composites (including recycled carbon fibers), and production support - helping them get their ideas from design to material formulation and production processes in order to achieve optimal part performance.

Injection moldable thermoplastic composite material

Composite properties

  • Family of strongest injection moldable compounds for high-volume production 
  • Short fiber-reinforced thermoplastic compounds 
  • Thermoplastic polymers: PP, PA, PPA, PPS, PEI, PEEK, TPU etc. 
  • Reinforcement: carbon fiber (CF, HMF or rCF), glass fiber (GF), additives 
  • Vertically integrated value chain 
  • Customizable formulations for specific application requirements
Injection molding machine

Composite processing

  • Processable using conventional injection molding equipment (process optimization needed) 
  • Rapid prototyping using 3D-printed tools for injection molding
Automotive bracket made from carbon fiber composite materials

Composite advantages

  • Up to 40% weight reduction vs aluminum (forged or die-casted) 
  • Cost-efficient lightweighting of high-volume, high-performance parts 
  • Low production cycle times (min) 
  • Predictable part performance: Design and simulation support 
  • Low CO₂ footprint material and parts possible when using recycled polymer and/or rCF

Carbon fiber cloth material

Composite properties

  • Thermoplastic organo fleeces from random long fibers, fiber fabrics and uni-directional (UD) orientations 
  • Innovative sandwich panels and multiple density parts from same lay-ups 
  • Polymers: PP, PA, PC, PPS, PEI, PEEK, etc. 
  • Reinforcement: CF, GF, rCF, combinations of NF, GF & rCF 
  • Densities from 0.3 to 1.8 g/cm3 
  • Potential for multi-material & functional integrations

Composite processing

  • Elimination of lamination step 
  • Processing: Form pressing and hybrid molding for high production volumes
Structural frame from ATC Manufacturing reinforced with KyronTEX® carbon fiber material.

Composite advantages

  • Recyclability and constant quality for specifying purposes from recycled carbon fibers 
  • Weight savings due to low densities 
  • Combining high specific strength and stiffness with impact resistance 
  • Freedom of design due to high drapability 
  • Part integration and enabling alternative connecting technologies such as welding 
  • Fast production cycle time vs thermoset-based alternatives 
  • Ability to skip the preform production step (high productivity, time and costs savings)

Forged molding thermoset compound

Composite properties

  • Quasi-isotropic properties 
  • Thermoset matrix resin selection from epoxy, vinyl ester or biobased resin 
  • Reinforcement: carbon fiber (CF) or rCF

Composite processing

  • Compression molding provides high production rate 
  • Parts can be easily machined after molding
Lightweight automotive body frames made from high-performance composite materials

Composite advantages

  • Over 40% weight reduction vs aluminum parts 
  • Complex geometries at medium to high production volumes at relative low molding cycle times 
  • Higher strength and specific modulus vs aluminum 
  • Reliable mechanical simulation although based on non-continuous fibers

CUSTOMIZABLE. SERIES PART PRODUCTION. UNMATCHED FINISH QUALITY Thermoset Prepregs for autoclaves or compression molding (OOA)
Automotive hood reinforced with autoclavable thermoset prepreg material

Composite properties

  • Epoxy & Bio-based resin with non-woven, woven (multi-axial) & UD (uni-directional) 
  • Reinforcement: glass fiber, aramid fiber and carbon fiber 
  • Aerospace approved 
  • Up to 2m width

Composite processing

  • Autoclave 
  • Out-of-autoclave (OOA) 
  • Quick-cure prepreg compression molding (PCM)
Automotive component reinforced with compression moldable thermoset prepreg material

Composite advantages

  • PCM parts are lighter than aluminum and up to 3x stiffer & 1/3 cost vs RTM 
  • Performance parts at an unmatched visual quality and Class A finish 
  • Can be combined with FMC for hybrid integrated elements 
  • PCM parts have ready to paint surfaces right out of the mold


Carbon fiber scrap collection

  • Take-back service of CFRP materials and parts (production scrap or end-of-life) 
  • Helps reduce landfill 
  • Supports manufacturing of recycled carbon fiber 
  • Reduces end-of-life waste
Industrial plant

Sustainable processing

  • Once collected, our recycling process (Mechanical & Pyrolysis) begins 
  • Creates high-performance, custom solutions that can be used to create CFRP for our customers or be re-used in our own Composites 
  • We integrate our products downstream into our thermoplastic and thermoset composites platforms
Snowboard made with recycled carbon fiber

rCF products

  • Create your own low emissions footprint carbon composites with CarboNXT® - the market’s broadest portfolio of customizable, recycled carbon fiber intermediates & semi-finished products 
  • Our custom offering: 
  • Standard, intermediate and high modulus carbon fibers 
  • Customizable fiber lengths 
  • Un-sized or polymer-specific sizing chemistries
SOLVING ENGINEERING CHALLENGES A toolbox of composite expertise
PARTNERSHIP Developing innovative material solutions, together

Our customer-driven focus on material and process innovations – alongside a wide variety of application technologies from injection or compression molding to machining – help us deliver customized composite solutions across a number of industries. Whether it’s material selection, design, processing, manufacturing, scaling or specification support, our simplified structure and flexible approach make us partners in possibility.

SCALABILITY Next generation manufacturing, now

Our global footprint, vertically integrated structure and independent supply chain, give our customers unmatched opportunities for volume and quality control. From low volumes, through medium volumes and very high-volume series production, our next generation manufacturing capabilities provide scalable, future-ready options for deploying composite materials.

Engineer designing a part
SUSTAINABILITY Creating a circular economy for carbon fiber composites

We’re supporting the circularity of carbon fiber materials with an end-of-life collection system and the development of waste stream management solutions as well as supply chain logistics. Our strong regulatory expertise and guidance continue to meet global standards. So far, we’ve achieved a critical mass of rCF throughput, guaranteeing supply and quality, and developed a range of specifiable products based on rCF.

CASE STUDIES See how our Composites Toolbox is helping solve the world’s most complex engineering challenges

Rewriting the manufacturing process with KyronTEX®

From test material and prototype design to final improved product.
Our composites experts shared KyronTEX®, with our partner Oribi and together we helped realign their production processes and create a more cost-effective, better-quality motorcycle helmet.

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Motorcycle helmet reinforced with carbon fiber

Developing scalable and cost-effective car body panels with carbon fiber prepregs

Streamlining processes to reduce emissions and production costs.
Our composites experts helped a leading automotive manufacturer apply a highly flexible prepreg to lower production costs and emissions in producing and painting body panels for their vehicles.

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Glossy surface of a finished car body panel reinforced with advanced carbon fiber materials.

More carbon fiber, less carbon footprint

CarboNXT recycled carbon fiber products are made from reclaimed scrap materials in a pyrolysis process, offering the strength and lightness of virgin carbon fiber with lower emissions and greater circularity.

Learn more
MCAM - rCF case study - promo module
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